Rev. & Mrs. John Njatha Kabuchwa.



The center was started in the year 2008. This was after the post-election violence in Kenya. The center started with a feeding program of the street boys which was started by Rev. John Kabuchwa, a pastor at the A.I.C. Church Bondeni in Nakuru and his wife Elizabeth Kabuchwa. The street boys were given only the evening meal. Before taking super, the boys had a devotion and they were taught God's word.

After a period of six months, the church offered accommodation for the boys. They would come to the church, spend the night there the go back to the streets the following morning. Some of the boys went back to the street life because they did not want to cope with rehabilitation and the rules given to them at the church. Five boys remained and Pastor John and his wife Elizabeth took them to school. They provided food for the boys and school fees. God blessed the boys and many others started coming to the church. In the year 2012 we moved the boys from the church compound and rented a boys shelter at Kiamunyi in Nakuru town with 24 boys on board.

The home has grown and God blessed us again in the year 2014, we moved from Kiamunyi because the house was small for the boys. We are now situated at Upendo Estate which is also in Nakuru. The house is big and spacious. We have a compound where the boys can play and do some farming. We pay rent every month and we thank God for His provision, His faithfulness and the far He has brought us.

Currently we have three employees, John Malinda who is the home father, Joyce Malinda is the home mother and Irene helps in cleaning and washing cloths of the small boys.

Pastor Kabuchwa and his wife Elizabeth work with the Africa Inland Church (Bondeni) during the day and in the evening they go to be with the boys. They do counseling to the boys and teach them God's word. They are also involved in farming to make sure that the boys do not lack food. We also teach them on how to play musical instruments.

Our prayer is that, one day we will have our own land and build a home for the boys. Be able to keep cows for milking and chicken for eggs. This will help us cut down our expenses.


 Giving whole-heartedly not only feels good and satisfying; IT'S A BLESSING TO THE GIVER. Sponsor any of the children in our home and get blessings in abundance. 


The people who spare their time to volunteer and assist in the home become role models for the children and make them feel part of the larger society. Become a volunteer and earn the children's respect and honor.


Pay us a visit and see for yourself the determination and zeal that the children have to be part of this great world and get involved by spreading the word of the good work being done at Transform Boys Center.