Rev. & Mrs. John Njatha Kabuchwa.



The children at Transform Boys Center are cared for by a team of caring professionals called Home Parents.  The position of Home Parents carries a lot of responsibilities while working atTransform Boys Home Parents Transform Boys Center. Some of these duties include transporting children to and from appointments, helping them with homework, assisting in personal hygiene, and teaching them proper discipline and our expected behaviors.

Being a Home Parent requires a lot of patience, love, passion and discipline. Most may think that loving, caring and encouraging these children would be simple but unfortunately it is one of the most challenging aspects of our job. Taking in and caring for Street boys, abused and neglected children carry many obstacles. Some of them have been the “mom” or “dad” to younger siblings. Some have never had rules or structure and many have never been loved or even understand what love is. Gaining their trust takes time, patience and work, and it is only the first step of a long journey for these children. Being able to become part of their lives is beyond rewarding. To be a small part of their success is what makes being a Home Parent worth every minute.


 Giving whole-heartedly not only feels good and satisfying; IT'S A BLESSING TO THE GIVER. Sponsor any of the children in our home and get blessings in abundance. 


The people who spare their time to volunteer and assist in the home become role models for the children and make them feel part of the larger society. Become a volunteer and earn the children's respect and honor.


Pay us a visit and see for yourself the determination and zeal that the children have to be part of this great world and get involved by spreading the word of the good work being done at Transform Boys Center.