Rev. & Mrs. John Njatha Kabuchwa.



Often times people will host events and programs to raise money for Transform Boys Center and for specific projects in our ministry such as mission trips, Christmas gifts, and youth camps. Many times cash is given or checks are made out to the individuals with the understanding that the money will be given to us.

We encourage you to make sure that the gifts you provide to these individuals actually go to Transform Boys Center. Please give wisely and investigate these fundraisers before making donations in order to prevent the possibility of being defrauded of your generous gifts.


The ministry of Transform Boys Center depends on the generous support of individuals like you. More than 75% of our budget comes from private support. We welcome gifts of any kind. You may contribute cash, real estate, personal property, as well as in-kind goods and services. Thank you for your help!


There are many ways to support the important programs and services of Transform Boys Center. Our mission of helping this children cannot happen without the generous contributions of individuals who care.

The cost of maintaining our individualized services and superior quality programs is offset greatly by your donations, so please join us and become a part of a promising future for Transform Boys Center.

Monetary Gifts

Donations may be designated for a particular program or service, or can be unrestricted to support any operation of Transform Boys Center. To make a monetary gift by mail, simply mail your check to:

Transform Boys Center

Development Department

P.O. BOX 868 – 20100


Matching Gifts

Corporate matching gift programs are a wonderful way to increase your contribution to Transform Boys Center.
How does it work?

  • Check with the HR department at your company to see if a matching gift program exists and to make sure no restrictions apply.

  • Pick up and fill out a matching gift form.

  • Send the form to Transform Boys Center along with your contribution.

We will complete the form and mail it back to your company. Your company sends a contribution to match the amount you sent. If your company does not have a matching gift program, an inquiry from an employee can sometimes help motivate management to set one up.

Planned Giving

Planned giving refers to designations from trust funds, wills and bequests. Transform Boys Center can be named as a beneficiary of all or part of your estate, allowing us to meet the needs of children for years to come. Please check with your estate planner for more information.


These are donations such as school supplies, art supplies, gift certificates, reward or incentive items, volunteer hours or similar types of non-monetary support.

Named Endowment Gifts

These are gifts that honor a loved one by establishing a named endowment for a specific purpose or service. These gifts are payable over a period of three years.

Donations of any value in any of the above categories are greatly appreciated and contribute to our mission of improving the lives of needy children. Transform Boys Center does not share mailing lists or donor information with any other agency or business.

If you have any questions about donations please contact our development office at +254 713 583 581 or by email.


 Giving whole-heartedly not only feels good and satisfying; IT'S A BLESSING TO THE GIVER. Sponsor any of the children in our home and get blessings in abundance. 


The people who spare their time to volunteer and assist in the home become role models for the children and make them feel part of the larger society. Become a volunteer and earn the children's respect and honor.


Pay us a visit and see for yourself the determination and zeal that the children have to be part of this great world and get involved by spreading the word of the good work being done at Transform Boys Center.